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Graduation Ceremonies from Rank to Rank Mar 08


Cub Scout Advancement Tip

March 08

"Graduation Ceremonies from rank to rank"

      At this time of the year, we all think of graduation.  Whether it be in April or May, why not make your last pack meeting of the year a graduation party, including cake!  Packs usually advance the boys to the next rank before the summer begins since they can go to day camp registered as the next rank.   Remember to have a special ceremony for each rank advancing to the next.  Tigers to Wolves, Wolves to Bears and Bears to Webelos.  Each group should have a special ceremony to mark this special transition.  To find lots of ceremonies, look to the internet. 


      Some simple ones are crossing over a pretend stone path over an imaginary river to get to the other campfire.    Another involves climbing up a mountain (small set of stair steps) to arrive at the next rank.


      Use your imagination and make it memorable.  It may not seem like a big step to you, but to your cubs, it is a huge step.


      Remember, KISMIF (Keep It Simple and Make It Fun)

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