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Eagle Project Approval Jan 08


Boy ScoutAdvancement Tip

January 08

Eagle Project Approval:

There are two types of project approval:


VerbalThis is not official approval of the project, but rather a verbal understanding between the scout, leaders and district of what the project is about and whether it is a possible project.  This can be done on the phone, email, or discussion at other district meetings.  Then the scout may move forward by creating a written plan of his project including details outlined in Wood District Eagle Guidelines.


WrittenThis is the official approval of the project.  This is where the written project is presented to the benefiting organization, the scoutmaster, then the committee chairperson for signatures and finally to the District Advancement Chair for a signature of approval.  Then the scout may start work on the project.  The scout should keep track of the hours spent in planning and discussions.


Leaders, please consult the Wood District Eagle Guidelines.  It is posted on the Wood District Website (woodbsa.org).  Please make sure that each person in the Eagle Project Approval process consults the guide (scout, scoutmaster, committee chairperson) before signing and giving approval to the project.


These guidelines will help in getting timely approvals from the district.  If all guidelines are followed, your eagle candidate will be able to get district approval in one meeting.  Many times, the eagle candidate does not have a complete written plan or required signatures.  This causes delays and additional meetings to obtain district approval

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