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Boy Scout Advancement Tips

How to upload from Troopmaster Apr 08


Boy Scout Advancement Tip

April 08

How  to  upload from Troopmaster (Packmaster is similar)

 1.  Be sure all names are the same as on the council internet advancement records-to check this, go to internet advancement and print a roster.  You can do this by either clicking "Review Unit Roster"-it will look like a charter and come up in PDF-or clicking "member summary".  You will need to be sure that the names that appear on the internet advancement are exactly the same in Troop master.  All of the scout's membership numbers are on this report, and you can add them to troopmaster.

 2.  You will also need to be sure that you have filled in all the General troop information on Troop master.  This can be done by clicking on "unit" and then "general information" in the Troop master program. 

 3.  In order to have a file that Internet Advancement will accept, you need to save a file that you can easily find later.  The file can be created by following these steps after you have entered your advancement on Troopmaster.

          a.  Go to "Reports" and choose "Awards/Advancement" and then choose "Court of Honor"

          b.  Fill in all the dates needed and under "Advancement Report" be sure to choose "ScoutNET report".  Hit OK and you will see an Advancement report appear.  Go to disk icon at top and click.  Choose "scoutNET" option (has .cvs as an extension) and it will ask you where to save it.   I usually save to my desktop so I can find it easily.  Click on picture of file folder at end of space to browse your computer to decide where to put it.  After it is saved, you can close Troopmaster. 

 4.  Log on to internet advancement and choose "upload Advancement file".  It will then ask you were the document is and you need to specify where it can be found.  Choose browse button to find the file.  It will have .cvs as an extension.  Highlight it and hit open-it should appear in the box.  Choose upload file.

 5.  After the information is uploaded, you will be taken to the current roster page ("select member for advancement").  On the current roster page, go to bottom and click next.  You can review your report from here.  If report is okay, hit next and you should be taken to submit page. You will get a warning to be sure that you really want to submit the report-hit ok.  There is a comments page if you want to leave any.  Otherwise hit save.  You will be taken to a Congratulations page and told to print your report.  Be sure you print two copies, one for troop/pack records and one for council records.  Don't close the print window or logout of internet advancement until you have your two copies of the report.

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Emergency Preparedness Award Mar 08


Boy Scout Advancement Tip

March 08

Emergency Preparedness Award

The Emergency Preparedness Award is part of a new BSA program of emphasis for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturers, and Leaders, in cooperation with the Federal Department of Homeland Security.

 All emergency activities carried out by Scouting units must be appropriate for the ages and abilities of the young people involved. Units should participate only under the supervision of their own leaders, and plans for unit help must be coordinated with community agencies responsible for disaster preparedness.

Boy Scout and Varsity Scout Requirements

  1. Participate in creating an emergency plan for your home and for your troop or team's Scouting activities. Be sure you know the details of both emergency plans.
  2. Earn the First Aid or the Emergency Preparedness merit badge.
  3. With your troop or team, including its adult leaders, participate in emergency preparedness training conducted by community emergency preparedness agencies.

Venturer and Sea Scout Requirements

  1. Complete all of the Emergency Preparedness core requirement number 4 (page 17, Ranger Guidebook).
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Complete the First Aid core requirement (page 16, Ranger Guidebook). This may be fulfilled either by completing the standard American Red Cross first aid course When Help Is Delayed or by completing the American Red Cross Wilderness First Aid Course.
    • With your crew, including its adult leaders, participate in emergency preparedness training coordinated by community emergency preparedness agencies.

Unit Volunteer Scouter Requirements

This award is available to all registered Scouters who serve a unit, including all leaders and committee members.

Do any three of the following:

  • Develop an emergency preparedness program plan and kit for your home and be sure all family members know the plan.
  • Participate actively in preparing an emergency plan of action for your Scouting unit meeting place. (This includes all locations where you might have a meeting.)
  • Put together a unit emergency kit to be kept at your unit meeting location. (This includes all locations where you might have a meeting.)
  • Take a basic first aid/CPR course, or participate as an active volunteer in a community agency responsible for disaster preparedness.
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Purpose of the Merit Badge Program Feb 08


Boy Scout Advancement Tip

February 08

 Excerpts from US Scouting Service on the web


  • Basic character-developing tools.
  • Scouts learn career skills.
  • Scouts develop physical fitness and hobbies that give a lifetime of healthful recreation.
  • Contact with adults with whom they might not be acquainted.

One of the methods of Scouting is "Advancement".

 The merit badge program is one of Scouting's basic character-developing tools. Earning merit badges gives a boy the kind of self-confidence that comes only from Overcoming difficult obstacles to achieve a goal.

Through the merit badge program, a boy is introduced to skills which may help him choose his adult vocation.  Scouting introduced Spielberg to movie making, look where he took this.

Other merit badges help a boy develop physical fitness, or discover "outside" interests and hobbies, encourage citizenship and generally become a more well-rounded person.

Many youths are uncomfortable dealing with adults they are not familiar with. Working on a merit badge with an adult should provide a super environment to help youth overcome this discomfort. It can be an excellent opportunity to help the youth build confidence.


The primary purpose of merit badges is to advance to Star, Life, and Eagle.

Fact or Fiction



The merit badge program is created to (a) offer a Scout exposure to an area of interest that may become his profession or life-long hobby, and (b) to expose him to interaction with adults with whom he is not readily familiar, for the purpose of growth in inter-personal relations.

 ****Remember this when helping your scouts with merit badges.

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Eagle Project Approval Jan 08


Boy ScoutAdvancement Tip

January 08

Eagle Project Approval:

There are two types of project approval:


VerbalThis is not official approval of the project, but rather a verbal understanding between the scout, leaders and district of what the project is about and whether it is a possible project.  This can be done on the phone, email, or discussion at other district meetings.  Then the scout may move forward by creating a written plan of his project including details outlined in Wood District Eagle Guidelines.


WrittenThis is the official approval of the project.  This is where the written project is presented to the benefiting organization, the scoutmaster, then the committee chairperson for signatures and finally to the District Advancement Chair for a signature of approval.  Then the scout may start work on the project.  The scout should keep track of the hours spent in planning and discussions.


Leaders, please consult the Wood District Eagle Guidelines.  It is posted on the Wood District Website (woodbsa.org).  Please make sure that each person in the Eagle Project Approval process consults the guide (scout, scoutmaster, committee chairperson) before signing and giving approval to the project.


These guidelines will help in getting timely approvals from the district.  If all guidelines are followed, your eagle candidate will be able to get district approval in one meeting.  Many times, the eagle candidate does not have a complete written plan or required signatures.  This causes delays and additional meetings to obtain district approval

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